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Overnight courses

Nothing will make a parent prouder than see their child accomplish something that even they thought was difficult. As the child struggles for the words to define the journey, the adventure, the challenge of what the child just went through, the parent will see deep in those eyes the change, the growth, and the fire of a young person with a purpose.

Wild Child

Course Description:

Bowing to the demands of both parents and their offspring, we have opened this course for the age group of 11 ~ 16 , so that budding JESt Campers can enjoy an exciting and informative experience while discovering the wonders of nature without a parent or playstation in sight. Students on this course will be outdoors for 2 days.

Minimum of 10 Persons

Duration: 24hrs

Inclusion: Certification*

Exclusion: Meals


Required Materials: Raw food enough for two meals, Machete (Knife)

For less than the minimum, please contact us for rates.



For us here at JEST, life is inconceivable without a campfire. When spirits are high, a fire’s flames provide joyful light; when spirits are low, the consoling warmth of the embers will thaw any frozen heart. Fire separates us from the animal kingdom. In our modern day life, think of where we would be without fire. This is why our first Wilderness Survival Certification course is built around the premise of fire and maintaining it throughout the night.

Course Description:

leave the high-tech, modern world behind as you explore the mountain trails with little more than a knife, tent, and fire under the stars to keep you safe and warm!

Minimum of 10 Persons

Duration: 24 hrs

Inclusion: Certification*

Exclusion: Meals

Required Materials: Raw food enough for two meals, Machete (Knife), Survival Mindset For less than the minimum number of participants, please contact us for rates.


Camper's Hunt is the first Jungle Survival Course and you will earn the coveted “Jungle Survival Certification” that few can ever have. This is NOT your usual camping trip. You will be placed in a Survival Scenario that you’ll act out to the fullest. This course is also self catering. You will live off the land. However, if you have a weak stomach, you can



We firmly believe that only through EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION would we be able to deliver a course that could save someone’s life. going out of your element and into the unknown will not only cement your resolve to be calm and competent during an emergency, but will also allow you to take on the herculean task of ensuring you and your companions’ survival.

Course Description:

Imagine you’re shipwrecked on an island. You’ve got nothing but a bit of wreckage, some trees, and your own ingenuity to survive on – Can you do it? this 3 day course will take you to the pristine jungles of Subic bay, Zambales. We’ll give you all the training you need to get the basics of living life like Indiana Jones, then for a day or two you and your team will have to put into practice on your own.

Minimum of 10 Persons

Duration: 72 hrs

Inclusion: Certification*

Exclusion: Meals


Required Materials: Raw food enough for three meals, Machete (Knife), Survival Mindset For less than the minimum, please contact us for rates.


This course is like a vaccination. You’re getting a sense of what it’s like to be in a life- threatening situation, so that when you actually are, you’ll be able to do what you need to. Therefore, the course should be taken by physically fit and healthy people as be assured we are going to push your limits and boundaries. One week of exercise prior to the course is advised, and you’ll be tested by running for 1 mile.

Day courses

At the JEST Camp, we believe there is power in the “ancient Ways” of walking lightly through

LIFE the wilderness, and we believe that power is accessible to everyone. our “WILDLIFE

WALKABOUT” course hopes to reconnect you wit h the power, beauty, and balance in the ancient paths we preserve.

Wildlife Walkabout

Course description:

get a preview of what our on- the-trail training is all about and engross yourself for a few hours in a natural survival setting that might just take the wind out of you!

Duration: 1- 2 hrs

Exclusion: Meals and Certification*

Course Description:

Surrounded by the sights

and sounds of Philippine’s beautiful countryside,

with the sounds of the nearby boton falls in the

air, we will transport you back in time to the

early ancient age while teaching you the skills to

competently make kitchen utensils out of bamboo.

We invite you to join our campfire, taste some

backcountry cooking ala “luto sa buho,” and

experience the pleasures of living outdoor. Don't forget to bring your swimming clothes! you can unwind and take a dip in boton falls before heading back to the park.



It may seem as though every aspect of modern life is conspiring to pull you apart. this is why even just a day of getting away from the normal hustle and bustle of our lives would have such a crucial impact on one’s life. Immerse yourself in our natural living habitat and take a “CAMP CRAFT” for a day!

Minimum of 5 Persons

Duration: 6hrs 

Inclusion: Meal with 1 choice of viand and 1 drink

Exclusion: Certification*

For less than the minimum, please contact us for rates

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