As the only survival school in the Philippines, we constantly strive for innovation and excellence in everything we do therefore we have added several courses such as “Survival Bootcamp” for the more adventurous person, “Wild Child” for the kids, “Tribe” for team building purposes and even custom courses.
Survival Bootcamp is a 3-day course and known as the Extreme Jungle Survival. It is the toughest and longest survival course offered in the Philippines, but therefore the most rewarding. It is also increasingly becoming the favorite fo military schools as it does not only create a more lasting impact, but also foster the individual talents of each participant.
Wild Child is an overnight course intended for youth groups and scouts. This contains all the jungle survival training less the hardships and plus the fun! It contains games specifically created for the jungle environment and promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for your kids without a parent or playstation in sight!
And lastly, the Tribe focuses more on the team’s ability to not only survive but also thrive under such pressure. It has a half day, full day and overnight course. It can also be fully customizable and paired with our other courses. So what are you waiting for? Try and choose your adventure now!