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Why J.E.S.T. Camp?

Jungle- Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp is the first and ONLY survival school in the Philippines and has be offering Jungle Survival Certification since 1963. Graduates of J.E.S.T Camp receive recognized professional certifications which prepare students to be excellent naturalists, jungle survival skills, instructors, wildlife trackers and environmental field technicians

In line with the J.E.S.T Positive Impact Camping philosophy, the Jungle Survival Certification courses have a decided emphasis on using renewable, natural resources. Tents, speeing bags, stoves, backpack and many other "required" pieces of outdoor equipment are replaced with low-tech counterparts: a poncho, a blanket, a campfire. The J.E.S.T Camp mentality "Know more, carry less" will teach you to focus on the necessities rather than what you think is need for survival.

We also fo not just employ a military mindset and way of thinking but we also utilize the techiniques of our Ancestors to create a full circle training mentality. J.E.S.T mixes the modern and primitive to bring you a completely revolutionary training program designed for civilians and military alike.

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